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Eric Moerschel Timber frame Craftsman

Timber Framing by Eric Moerschel

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to design, manufacture, and raise a timber frame for some very close friends in West Virginia. We spent months working closely with an architect, the contractor, and the clients to design their retirement home. The White Oak frame joinery was cut, the bent and wall sections pre-assembled and pegged in my shop. The frame was raised, the tongue and groove paneling installed, and SIPs enclosed the frame. A great sense of accomplishment came with completing such a project safely, without incident, and to the clients’ total satisfaction. The final invoice was delivered, the payment received, and everything looked perfect as I moved to the next project.

Several months later, I returned for a visit to the completed home for a family get- together and dinner. Grandparents and three generations of a close family were all gathered at the dining room table as dinner was served. Children played and created a chaotic hum amidst the conversation, wine and food were shared with family and friends. It was then that I realized the final peg was now driven in. The project moved from being just a structure to a living, breathing home.

The home is a place that calms the soul and serves as a personal retreat. It is a vessel that encases your dreams, protects your family, and it is a place where memories are made for generations to come. I use my skills and experience to help create a warm setting where you can enjoy your family traditions. Allow me to join with you in your journey to creating the vessel you call home.