Timber Frame Materials

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Recommended Timber Framing Materials

A wide variety of wood species and treatments are available to suit the client’s particular tastes. Common wood species used in timber frame construction are Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, White Oak, Red Oak, White Pine, Cypress and Southern Yellow Pine. Each species has favored applications and different aesthetic qualities.

Kiln Dried Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is the most widely used material in timber frame construction. Douglas Fir’ strength, stability, workability and rich, salmon pink to orange tone make it the perfect choice for almost any timber frame project. Douglas Fir can be used for interior and exterior applications. We purchase kiln dried Douglas Fir directly from the Pacific Northwest where it grows abundantly.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar has been widely used in exterior applications due to its’ natural resistance to decay and insect penetration. This is truly the species of choice for all outdoor timber frame projects including Porticos, Gazebos, and Pavilions. Red Cedar has a rich red tone that looks beautiful with a natural stain and accepts colored stain just as well.

White Oak

A timber frame constructed with White Oak is about as solid as it gets. White Oak has been used for centuries as a construction material because of its physical strength and durability. Widely available and economically priced, White Oak makes for a perfect interior or exterior application.

Kiln Dried White Pine

White pine trees grow tall and straight making this species good for timber frame construction. These timbers are incredibly stable after kiln drying keeping our precise joinery tight. White Pine is economically priced and recommended for interior use.

Eastern Hemlock

Hemlock timbers are very stable and appear similar to White Pine.
Readily available and very economically priced.

Hand Hewn Timbers

Whether your project is a historic restoration or a new structure with rustic features, Eric Moerschel can create the look you need. Using authentic heirloom tools such as the broad ax and adze brings frontier history and rustic character to your project.

Reclaimed Timbers

We also offer timber frame structures built from reclaimed timbers. In addition to the green building aspects of using recycled lumber, reclaimed timbers offer an unparalleled richness of character and beauty that is attributable to their age.

Structural Insulated Panels

Timber frame homes are most commonly enclosed using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). SIPS are constructed using a dense foam core that is sheathed on both sides with Oriented Strand Board (OSB). These wall panels are designed and manufactured to enclose your timber frame home in a tightly sealed shell. A typical wall panel has an R-value of 23. An eight-inch thick roof panel has an R-value of 29! Your investment in a timber frame home enclosed with SIPs will reward you with substantial energy savings far into the future.

We offer design services to enclose your timber frame home, package manufacturing, and installation.